Taiwan: Constitutional Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Unconstitutional

(June 5, 2017) On May 24, 2017, Taiwan’s Constitutional Court revealed J.Y. Interpretation No. 748, which rules that the prohibition of same-sex marital relationship in the existing Civil Code breaks the Constitution. ( Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748 as well

Turkey: New Emergency Decree Laws Issued

(May 11, 2017) On April 29, 2017, Turkey released 2 brand-new emergency decree-laws, numbers 689 and 690, in the country’s Authorities Gazette, bringing the total variety of such regulations issued considering that the fallen short coup effort in July 2016

Georgia, Kyrgyzstan: Marriages of Minors Prohibited

(May 9, 2017) Since January 1, 2017, write-up 15073 of the Civil Code of Georgia, which had temporarily allowed marital relationships of minors, lapsed.  &#xA 0;-LRB- Legislation No. 4646 of December 16, 2016 on Modifying the Civil Code of Georgia,

Israel: Rabbinical Courts May Recommend Social Religious Sanctions Against Husbands Who Refuse to Divorce

(May 2, 2017) On February 28, 2017, Israel’s High court, sitting as a High Court of Justice, in a five-to-two decision, declined a charm lodged by two Jewish partners versus (separate) rulings by rabbinical courts to subject the men to

Israel: Supreme Court Prohibits Third Party Appeal over Legitimacy of Divorce

(Apr. 28, 2017) On March 30, 2017, Israel’s High court, sitting as a High Court of Justice, approved an appeal versus a Rabbinical Court of Appeals choice to evaluate a charm submitted by an unrelated 3rd party versus the legitimacy

Israel: Expansion of Rabbinical Courts’ Enforcement Authority over Divorce Refusers

(Apr. 25, 2017) On April 3, 2017, the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) passed the Rabbinical Courts(Enforcement of Divorce Judgements) (Change No. 8) Regulation, 5777-2017 (Change Law). (SEFER HAHUKIM [PUBLICATION OF LEGISLATIONS, main gazette, SH] 5777 No. 2627 p. 593, offered at